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Hurricane Harvey pony


Poppy was rescued from flood waters up to her neck, she actually had to swim to higher ground with her rescuer by her side. Now she is very sick and her owners have no interest in recovering her.

Taking Donations for Vet Care

UPDATE:  Despite the valiant effort of Dr. Jenkins and his staff and our organization, Ms. Poppy didn't make it. Her body was just too ill and wasn't accepting the treatment that was given to her. It was with a heavy heart that we put her out of her misery from the pain she was enduring. Love you baby girl, you have left hoof prints on our heart forever.

Lil pony Poppy is very sick, her blood tests indicate she has a massive amount of fat in her blood which is a sign of liver failure. Her potassium levels are extremely low, almost non existant. She is currently in the care of Dr. Dennis Jenkins and receiving IV fluids and live saving medications for her health.
We are currently taking donations to pay the Veternary bills that will save this baby pony's life. You can donate by paypal via: [email protected] or directly to Dr. Jenkins  himself.


Sweet Diesel

This gentle giant came to us broken. And despite our best efforts and those of 2 different vets he was not able to be saved.
Diesel came from Oklahoma and was sold at an auction we believe because he was sick or injured. He was only 12 years old and was used as a working mule.  After Harvey he began to lose weight and was never able to gain it back. 
We acquired him along with Champagne which is still with us and is sweet as the day is long.
RIP Diesel, we love your big heart and will miss you every day.